Working at Charles Park

At CPSS, we are always looking at ways to grow our business. We welcome private conversations from experienced legal recruiters who are confident in their billing capability.

To be fair, we are not suited to junior recruiters who do not have the experience of working on the more senior level projects, as we are true headhunters and a majority of our clients retain us for our experience.

We do not expect a client following, but we look for the qualities in people that we believe can lead on to building a successful legal headhunting business.

We believe that we would suit recruiters who are currently carrying out high level, non-retained work, who would like to make that step up to headhunting. A successful move of this nature, will see their fee revenue step up a considerable level. We would also welcome conversations from existing legal headhunters who are either part of a larger organisation or are fed up of working on their own, without the support.

We believe that we have the IT infrastructure and research support to enable good legal recruiters to maximise their fee revenue capability. And finally, we are a lovely group of people (in our eyes) to work with. We adopt a mature approach to how we work and if people choose to work from home and it suits them better, then we are comfortable with this (their fee revenue speaks for itself).

We would also not rule out investing into non-legal recruitment areas, such as finance and banking. We could offer IT and research support to a business wishing to grow, plus we have office space at our head office in Hampshire, or in London, to accommodate more people.

If you would like a private conversation about working for CPSS, then please contact Richard Park, managing director on +44(0)1252 846201 (direct line) or +44(0)7765 905149.