Advising Candidates

As much as we are a headhunting firm and work on behalf of our clients, CPSS has always had a significant contingency business, where we potentially work with every firm and business in the legal market, but acting in the interest of an individual lawyer or team. There are no off-limit firms or bias towards our clients, when we act for senior lawyers – we sit down with them and talk about the entire market and the different opportunities, it is all about them and what they want to achieve in the move.

Due to the fact that we work closely with the boards of different law firms and businesses, we can offer a superior insight to these contacts and we often handle very discrete approaches for high profile partners in the market.

At CPSS, we believe in offering first class career management to our candidates. We also recognise that the final decision is ultimately with our candidates and that it is okay to sometimes say no to the role(s) that we have helped deliver for them. We hear so many stories of well-known recruitment consultants applying unwanted pressure at this final, important stage. This really is not our style. The good ones who decide to stay, come back to us later, as a candidate or client.

Our overall offering to candidates:

  • An appraisal of where they are currently at and what they wish to achieve in a move;
  • Taking this on board, we identify target firms/businesses (in some cases it may just be one firm or business, with the other end of the scale being several options to target);
  • We assist with the business plan and talk at length about any client following. This is an opportunity for the candidate to have more of an open conversation with us and we can help steer how any following should be broken down. Our view is for our candidates to be as conservative and realistic as possible;
  • Assist with interview and meeting advice, giving as much information as possible on the firms or businesses. In many cases, we provide information to our candidates that cannot be found on the internet – for example, we talk through the personalities of the interview panel, the firm’s strategy (where we are permitted), sensitivities surrounding a particular hire etc.;
  • Securing the deal – we help on any final negotiation of the deal. In most cases, the firm or business interviewing one of our candidates, already has a good idea of what is needed financially to make it an attractive move. It is not unusual for our consultants to spend more time behind the scenes managing the firm or business expectations. By the time the deal comes through, it is usually at an acceptable level;
  • We also assist with a candidate’s exit negotiation. This is often a difficult and sensitive time, and a period that needs to be managed properly. In most cases (sadly not always possible), a candidate wants to be a ‘good leaver’, so this is critical in a senior move. For exit advice, we sometimes engage a niche employment law firm in London, which has vast partnership experience.
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